Benefits Of Stairlifts

For many years, stairlifts have played a major role in helping people to live as independently as possible in their own home and they are more popular today than they have ever been. Modern stairlifts come in several variations and can be purchased to include a whole host of features that are designed to enhance comfort, safety and performance. There are also many benefits of stairlifts and it is these that will impress anyone looking to invest in a system either for themselves or a loved one.

Personal benefits of stairlifts

A stairlift presents many personal benefits and is the perfect solution for anyone that is unable to navigate the stairs at home. Being unable to climb the stairs can cause many problems to a person that is injured, ill or disabled in anyway; it can mean them being unable to go to bed at night and get to the bathroom or toilet. Installing a stairlift allows them to once again move easily between floors and to do so easily and most importantly, safely.

Other than installing a stairlift the only options available are to have a home specially adapted for ground floor living or to move home to somewhere more suitable such as a bungalow. Both of these options can prove extremely costly and in the case of the latter means leaving a place where you are comfortable and have friends and amenities nearby. Moving home can also be stressful and is exactly what you don’t need when suffering ill-health.

A stairlift is much more cost effective than any of the alternatives and has provides a user with independence and a new lease of life in their home.

Benefits of stairlift system

The benefits of stairlifts are plentiful this is evident in the system itself. Stairlifts come in several variations and can be suited to almost any staircase. The most common varieties of stairlift are the straight stairlift, the curved stairlift and the outdoor stairlift.

The straight stairlift is the most common in the UK and is suited for installation on straight run staircases; it also has many benefits and features. The seat of the straight stairlift is extremely beneficial to the user and comes fully cushioned with lockable swivel feature and adjustable height so that mounting and dismounting can be done with ease. The lift mechanism is powered by rechargeable battery which allows continued use of the stairlift in the event of a powercut. Safety is also important and special sensors are fitted to the system will detect any obstruction and stop the lift immediately.

The benefits of stairlifts that are installed on curved staircases are similar to those found on straight systems, the difference is a curved stairlift is custom measured and designed to suit the exact specifications of the stairs and requirements of the user.

The main benefits of outdoor systems is their DC power supply which is completely maintenance free, outdoor systems are designed to be robust and are made from materials which are built to resist the elements all year round.

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