Features Of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are popular in the UK and are used by thousands of people on a daily basis in order to allow them movement between floors when climbing stairs has become too difficult and dangerous. The use of stairlifts can be seen anywhere from restaurants to churches; however, the majority of systems are found in domestic surroundings.

Stairlifts give people the independence to move between floors in the home and can give a new lease of life, they are also the perfect and most cost effective alternative to having a home specially adapted or moving home to a bungalow or ground floor flat. The benefits of this piece of mobility equipment are well heralded and the majority of those benefits are found in the features of stairlifts. It is the features that make modern stairlifts so popular and today’s systems are advanced in all elements of comfort, performance and safety.

Types of stairlifts

The features of stairlifts are similar on all variations but each has its own features that set it apart from the rest. The three main types of stairlifts are (in order of popularity):

  • Straight stairlift
  • Curved stairlift
  • Outdoor stairlift
Straight stairlifts are designed to be installed on staircases that have a straight run with no bends, corners or half-landings to navigate. The majority of staircases in UK homes are straight, that is the main reason why these stairlifts are the most popular.
Curved stairlifts are installed on staircases that have a curve bend or half-landing, one of the best features of these stairlifts is the fact they are custom designed to match the exact requirements of the staircase and the user. This means receiving a system that is tailored to you specifically.

Outdoor stairlifts are designed for use outdoors. They are far less common then the other models and are generally used n gardens when there are concrete stairs to navigate. The best features of outdoor stairlifts are the DC power supply which is maintenance free and the robust material which is designed to perform in all weather conditions.

General features of stairlifts

The main features of a stairlift are found in the chair and the controls. The chair of a stairlift is designed for comfort and safety. Chairs are fully cushioned with arm rests both sides and can fold away when not in use to save space. The chair is designed to feature a lockable swivel system whereby it can be move ninety degrees and locked for easy and safe mounting and dismounting, the chair also features adjustable height to suit almost any person with a seatbelt and safety sensors fitted for safety.

In terms of the features of stairlifts, the controls are important. Almost all stairlifts will have controls on the arm rest of the chair so that the user can easily operate the device, there is also the added option for remote control so that the system can be operated by another person where required. On/off switches on the wall and an emergency stop button will also be installed as standard on many systems.

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