Function Of Stairlifts

Stairlifts play an important role in the lives of many people and are essential in allowing a user to remain independent and navigate stairs that are difficult and/or dangerous to walk up and down on a regular basis. Stairlifts can be found in numerous places and all serve the same purpose of helping a person move between floors.

These devices are most common in the domestic home but are commonly seen in museums, restaurants and other public places with more than one level. There are many different variations of the stairlift and features will differ depending on the make and model, ultimately it is the function of stairlifts that make them so popular and necessary for so many people.

Functions of a stairlift

A stairlift is a mechanical device that has the ability to transport a person between floors when they unable to climb stairs, whether through disability, injury, old age or even pregnancy. Stairlifts are most common in the home and the function of stairlifts is required to match the customer’s individual requirements and will need to be tailored to fit a staircase.

The most basic functions that are common with the majority of stairlifts are the chair and the controls. The chair is mounted on to a rail which spans the length of the stairs; it is designed to be easily mounted and dismounted and has the ability to swivel so that a user can find a comfortable position. The chair is also fully cushioned for comfort and comes with adjustable height and will have a maximum weight allowance which can also be tailored to the user’s requirements.

The controls will differ, once again to suit the user and the majority of stairlifts will come with operating controls in the arm-rest of the chair and by remote control to allow others to operate the chair. The remote control function of stairlifts is particularly beneficial to users that are without the use of their upper body and will allow a caregiver to operate the stairlift safely. The controls found on the arm-rest of the chair can either up and down buttons or a joystick for navigation.

Safety functions of a stairlift will include an on/off switch usually located on the wall; this is beneficial for anyone with children in the home or visiting on a regular basis and will prevent them from using the lift. An emergency stop button is also included on many modern stairlifts which allows the lift to be stopped instantly in the event of an accident.

Rail function of stairlifts

Railings are what the stairlift is mounted to and must be strong to carry a user up and down stairs. Railings are generally made from aluminium and offer a steady and smooth ride along the stair case; the function of stairlifts is based on a ‘track and car’ system. The track (railing) comes in small sections which as attached to the wall and the car (lift) is mounted onto the track and powered either electrically or by battery.

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