How Are Stairlifts Used

Stairlifts are essential to many people’s daily routines and without them; the ability to remain independent in their home would be lost. Stairlifts have been in use for hundreds of years and can be dated back to the 1500’s when Henry VIII was King of England, although it’s fair to say that they have changed a great deal over the years. Modern stairlifts are designed for safety, comfort and efficiency and can be customised and manufactured based on the exact requirements of the user.

For people looking for information on stairlifts or contemplating purchasing one for the first time, the question of “how are stairlifts used?” is an important one. How these devices work and who exactly requires the use of one can help to determine if a stairlift is suitable to you.

How does a stairlift work?

A stairlift is an important piece of mobility equipment, they allow a person to travel easily between floors when it is too much of a struggle or too dangerous to climb the stairs. A stairlift is designed with a track which is fixed to the staircase and a chair which is mounted to the track. The track is made from aluminium which is more that strong enough to take the weight of the chair and the person in it; it is also lightweight so that installation can be completed easily. The chair which is mounted to the track will have a flip up seat and arm rests either side which add to the comfort and the stability of the chair as-well as housing the controls. Chairs can be custom designed to support the size and weight of the user and a cushioned for comfort, they also have adjustable height and the ability to swivel so that users can find a comfortable way to travel.

The system is powered by electricity or battery and both methods ensure a smooth and steady ride. Controls can be found on the arm of the chair which enables the user to move the device up and down the stairs as required, most systems also come with the option of remote control which can help a carer or family member operate the stairlift.

Stairlift safety

Safety is also important when finding answers to “how are stairlifts used?” Modern systems are more safety conscious than ever and have a range of features that prevent any possible accidents. The first safety feature that is common with most systems is the on/off switch; this is a simple feature which can be essential if the lift is located in a house with young children. Emergency power buttons are also important and ensure that the stairlift can be instantly stopped in the event of danger, the emergency stop feature can be found on both the chair and on a nearby wall.

Although stairlifts travel at a relatively slow pace, the most important safety feature is the seat belt. When answering “how are stairlifts used?” it is important to understand that the seatbelt needs to be worn at all times by any user. Belts are generally click-in belts which are fitted across the lap of a user.

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