Types Of Stairlifts

The modern stairlift has many benefits and it is one of the most popular pieces of mobility equipment on the market. A stairlift is a mechanical device that is used to help people move between floors when climbing the stairs has become too much of a struggle; the benefits of having a stairlift installed in your home are massive. The biggest advantage of the device is the independence it can give; they are also the perfect alternative to having a home specially adapted or worse, having to leave a home and the familiarity of friends and amenities behind. Moving home can be costly and stressful; installing a stairlift can be done cheaply and does bring any unwanted stress.

There are various types of stairlifts available and the type best suited to you will depend on you requirements, your stairs and your budget.

Straight stairlifts

The most popular of the different types of stairlifts on the market is by far the straight stairlift. This type of stairlift is installed on stairs that have a fully straight run and do not include half-landings, corners or bends. The majority of staircases in UK homes are straight this is the reason why this selection is the most popular.

A straight stairlift is installed onto the stair treads and is available with various features. One of the best features is the ability to have the system powered by a continuous charging battery; this will allow the stairlift to continue working in the event of a power cut. A swivel seat is also important and will allow a comfortable ride and safe mount and dismount; this is also helped with adjustable height. Safety features are also important and sensors will automatically stop the lift in the event of an obstruction, seat belts are also included on seats.

Straight stairlifts are the cheapest of all types of stairlifts and purchased and installed from as little as £1500.

Curved stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are required on staircases that are curved, have turns or have half-landings. These types of stairlifts are much more expensive than straight ones, the reason for this is that they must be custom designed to suit the user’s staircase. Depending on the type of staircase and how much movement a user has, another option is to install two straight stairlifts which are separated with a bridging platform, this can also prove expensive. A new curved stairlift is likely to cost around £4000 to install although it is possible to buy reconditioned models which can be purchased for around £3000.

Outdoor stairlifts

Of all the types of stairlifts, outdoor variations are the least common. They are generally used in gardens when there is a need to navigate concrete stairs in order to access a property. Outdoor stairlifts are very similar to indoor models but are made from material that is designed to resist the elements. In terms of power, outdoor models use maintenance DC power which enables the stairlift to be used all year round.   

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