What Are Stairlifts Used For

Stairlifts are a fairly common piece of mechanical equipment and they have been around for a number of years. They can be seen in use in a number of places such as churches, offices and museums; in fact they can be found in any building that has more than one level. The most common place to find a stairlift is in the domestic home and there are thousands of people across the UK that depends on this kind of equipment every day.
For those that are not familiar with stairlifts and have never experienced one, a frequently asked question is “what are stairlifts used for?” This article will provide an answer to that question.

Function of a stairlift

The question of “what are stairlifts used for?” may seem like a silly one to anyone that has seen a stairlift in action or has used one in any way. It is not so silly for those that have no previous experience with this kind of device and have never actually seen one in the “flesh”.

The basic function of a stairlift is to carry a person between floors on a device that runs along the side of a staircase. A stairlift is basically a chair that is mounted onto a rail which can carry a person up and down the stairs, the device is powered by either battery or electrically and can be operated using either remote control or controls on the arm rest of the chair.

The chair itself is of a flip-up design which is folded away neatly when not in use; it is cushioned to provide comfort for the user and has the ability to swivel so that a comfortable angle can be found. There chair also comes with a maximum weight allowance which can be tailor made to suit the user.

Who needs a stairlift?

Another common question to go along with “what are stairlifts used for?” is “who are stairlifts used by?” answering the latter question also provides an answer to the first.
Stairlifts are used by anyone that is unable to climb stairs. There are numerous reasons when a person is unable to navigate stairs and doing so becomes a significant danger. This could be through injury, disability or pregnancy, the most common need for stairlifts however is with elderly people.

Having a stairlift in the home is beneficial to many people and provides an excellent alternative to the costly and stressful option of moving home to a bungalow. A stairlift allows the user to remain in their own home and benefit from a level of independence that would have impossible if there was a regular need to climb stairs.

Modern stairlifts come with many functions for both safety and comfort and it is now possible for a modern model to be custom designed and fitted to match any customer requirement and staircase measurements.

Now that “what are stairlifts used for?” has been understood, it may be possible that you know someone that could benefit from this kind of device in their own home.

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