When Are Stairlifts Used

Stairlifts have been beneficial to people for many years and early forms of this device are thought to have been in existence dating back to the reign of King Henry VIII of England who required a device to help have travel between floors in his residences of Whitehall, Hampton Court and Greenwich. Modern versions of the stairlift date back to around 1920 when an American businessman and self-taught engineer named C.C Crispen came up with a device that he called ‘The Inclin-ator’. The importance of the stairlift has continued to grow, but for those that do not have knowledge of this kind of device, a common question is “when are stairlifts used?” this can be answered by explaining what a stairlift actually is and who requires their need.

What is a stairlift?

The first part of answering “when are stairlifts used?” is to explain what a stairlift is. A stairlift is pretty much exactly what the name describes; a lift the goes up and down stairs. However, it is unlike a regular lift and is designed to run along the staircase, carrying a person between floors. A stairlift is designed with a system known as ‘track and car’. The track is made from aluminium and comes in small sections that are attached to the staircase. The track can be custom designed and made to measure; this can allow stairlifts to be fitted to any kind of staircase whether it is straight or curved. The ‘car’ is more commonly referred to as the chair or seat; this is generally a flip up chair that has foldable arm-rests. The chair is designed to provide comfort and is fully cushioned, it is also designed to swivel and provide generous weight allowance.
The car is mounted onto the track and powered by either battery or electricity with arm-rest and remote controls to navigate. This gives a smooth and steady ride up and down the stairs a required.

Who needs a stairlift?

The next part in answering “when are stairlifts used?” is to look at exactly who needs the use of a stairlift. Anyone of any age that finds it a struggle to climb up and down stairs will benefit from the use of a stairlift. There are numerous reasons why a stairlift can become a necessity and climbing stairs is either impossible or dangerous, this could be through injury, disability, illness or pregnancy. The most common demographic for the use of stairlifts is the elderly who as they grow older find it a struggle climbing stairs though weakness leading to a danger of falling. A stairlift can instantly provide a user with the independence they once had and allow them to move between floors easily.

Where are stairlifts used?

The final part of “when are stairlifts used?” is to look at where they are used. Stairlifts can be found in almost any building that has more than one level. The most common place to find a stairlift is in domestic homes but they are also common in many public places from restaurants and museums to churches and public companies.

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