Where Are Stairlifts Used

Stairlifts have been in existence for many years and in that time have given many people the independence to live as normal a life as possible both in their own home and in public places. There are many variations of stairlifts and the features available have developed massively over the years and the modern stairlift is almost unrecognisable from the one that was invented by the American businessman C.C Crispen in 1920. People that have seen or experienced a stairlift will know exactly what advantages one provides, however there are millions of others who are unfamiliar with stairlifts and are unsure exactly what benefits are to be had with these devices. One frequently asked question for those not in the know is “where are stairlifts used?” This will first require the understanding of the devices function.

Function of a stairlift

Before answering “where are stairlifts used?” it is important to know the function of the device, this will also give some understanding of where a stairlift is needed and who by. The basic description of a stairlift is that it is a device that can be used to help people travel between floors. Unlike a regular lift, a stairlift is designed to guide a user along a staircase, this is done with a specially designed aluminium track which is attached to the staircase and a chair is then mounted to the track and is able to carry a person up or down the stairs using battery power or electric. Users are able to move the chair using controls which are located on the arm rest of the chair. It is also possible to use remote controls; these are beneficial for systems where the user has limited upper-body function and requires another person to operate the lift.

Modern stairlifts are incredibly advanced and can be custom designed and manufactured based on the requirements of the individual and the staircase where the lift is to be installed.  Early stairlift models were only designed to operate on straight staircases, modern devices can be designed to match curved stairs or a combination of the two.

Who will need to use a stairlift?

“Where are stairlifts used?” can also be better understood by knowing the kind of people that require their use. Stairlifts can be used by anyone that is unable to climb stairs, there are numerous reasons why this may be the case. This may be because of injury or illness or maybe disability which requires a long-term need for a stairlift. This type of device is also widely used to cover a short term need such as to help people recovering after leaving hospital or pregnant women.

Where would you find a stairlift?

Answering “where are stairlifts used?” in terms of the number of places that you can find a device is easy. Stairlifts can be found in any building that has stairs and is built on more than one level. The majority of stairlifts are found in domestic homes but there is also a large number in restaurants, museums and churches as-well as public buildings across the country.  

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