Why Are Stairlifts Used

Stairlifts are a common and essential piece of mobility equipment for many people and using one will allow a person to remain independent in their home or place of work. The stairlift device has never been more popular than it is today; it has also never been as technologically advanced in terms of performance, features and most importantly safety.

If you are someone that is looking into the prospect of stairlifts either for yourself, a friend or family member, gathering as much information on the subject as possible is important. One particular question that gets asked frequently is “why are stairlifts used?” the answer to this question is essential for anyone without knowledge of the device and will help to decide whether or not a stairlift is suited to you, or someone close to you.

Who needs a stairlift?

The answer to “why are stairlifts used?” is a simple one. A stairlift is used by anyone that is unable to climb stairs. There are numerous reasons why a person may be unable to navigate a flight of stairs; it could be through injury, illness or a disability. When attempting to climb stairs alone becomes too physically demanding, trying to do so presents the risk of falling which can obviously lead to serious injury. Not being able to climb the stairs means that a person is confined to the bottom floor or a building, at home this can mean not being able to get to bed at night and in many cases, unable to get to the bathroom.

A stairlift removes any such worry of getting to an upper level and allows a user to regain independence that would have otherwise been completely lost. For people that cannot climb the stairs, the only other option available as an alternative is to move home to a property set across one level. This presents disadvantages on many levels. The first being the cost of moving home, there is also the stress that comes along with the moving process and the fact that, on many occasions, a lifetime of memories must be left behind.

Function and design of stairlifts

Another part of “why are stairlifts used?” is in relation to stairlifts being favoured over traditional lifts.

Using a regular lift is perfectly plausible in many public buildings such as shopping malls and office blocks; the idea is not as well suited to domestic surroundings. The majority of stairlifts are installed in homes, and a designed and manufactured to be installed along a stair case. A regular lift would need a substantial amount of space, planning permission and a lot of money, a stairlift requires none of the three.

Stairlifts are installed to match the measurements of the staircase and requirements of the user; they take up very little space and do not hamper the use of the stairs for able bodied people. They are also very cost effective and can be bought outright or rented for short term needs.

Now that the answers to “why are stairlifts used?” are understood, a more informed decision can be made on whether or not they are needed.

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